Upcoming Town Hall

A town hall has been scheduled for noon on Wednesday, Feb. 23 in the second floor conference center of the MUC.

The town hall was announced due to the concerns raised in recent weeks about campus racism, SIUE’s communication and other issues within university culture, according to the administration. 

There will be an opening statement from Chancellor Randy Pembrook, a section for campus feedback as well as next steps and closing statements from upcoming chancellor James Minor.

Registration is available for attendance in-person and over Zoom.

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Rita Roosevelt

I am happy that authorities are Prosecuting a Person who Filed a False Police Report. We should be teaching our children not to lie.

Frank Sterle

Irrational racist sentiment is too often handed down generation to generation, regardless of color or creed. If it’s deliberate, it’s something I strongly feel amounts to a form of child abuse: to rear one’s impressionably very young children in an environment of overt bigotry — especially against other races and/or sub-racial groups (i.e. ethnicities). Not only does it fail to prepare children for the practical reality of an increasingly racially/ethnically diverse and populous society and workplace, it also makes it so much less likely those children will be emotionally content or (preferably) harmonious with their multicultural/-racial surroundings.

Children reared into their adolescence and, eventually, young adulthood this way can often be angry yet not fully realize at precisely what. Then they may feel left with little choice but to move to another part of the land, where their race or ethnicity predominates, preferably overwhelmingly so. If not for themselves, parents then should do their young children a big favor and NOT pass down onto their very impressionable offspring racially/ethnically bigoted feelings and perceptions, nor implicit stereotypes and ‘humor’, for that matter. Ironically, such rearing can make life much harder for one’s own children.

Maybe this social/societal problem could be proactively prevented by enabling young children to become accustomed to other races in a harmoniously positive manner. The early years are typically the best time to instill and even solidify positive social-interaction life skills/traits, like interracial harmonization, into a very young brain. Human infancy is the prime (if not the only) time to instill and even solidify positive social-interaction characteristics into a very young mind.

Rita Roosevelt

Frank, all parents should teach their children personal responsibility, earn an education, get a job and respect the law.

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