To answer questions about SIUE’s new logo, The Alestle talked to Heather Kniffel, Creative Director and former interim Executive Director of University Marketing and Communications.  


Why change the logo? 

Kniffel said the leadership and chancellor’s council felt like the brand needed to evolve to reflect the areas they want to highlight by establishing SIUE’s growth.  

"I think there's a lot of misconceptions about SIUE and maybe underestimating SIUE. We're trying to reflect on that and let people know that we're no longer the backup school,” Kniffel said. “We're a premier institution, so in thinking of what that looks like, we want a brand that reflects that.” 

Kniffel said the new logo isn’t developed yet, but the old one is being phased out while an existing brand is used in the meantime.  

“With the new chancellor coming on board, it made sense as he’s putting forth a new vision along with the leadership team. It makes sense to evolve that brand along with it,” Kniffel said.  

Kniffel said one of the items of feedback they received about the former little “E” was that people questioned why it was lowercase, and whether it meant SIUE was the smaller sister school to Carbondale.  

"The intention of that when we created it was to stand out, it wasn't to be less than. We consider it bold,” Kniffel said. “Yes, it's lowercase, but it's a lot bigger and thicker than the SIU, but also to show our youth, so it was a way to have a play on that to make Edwardsville stand out but also show our youthful side.” 


How was the currently-used transition logo designed?

The SIUE Cougars logo that can be seen on sweatshirts in the Cougar Store has been a secondary brand used by athletics for a few years, Kniffel said.  

"We just adapted it since we are taking away the SIUE little E, we wanted something that people could use consistently and something that would stay,” Kniffel said. “There's a tie to where we are now, but eventually that will not be the university mark." 

Kniffel said the font was created by a designer here and originally had the name of a sports team underneath the SIUE letters but it has been tweaked to be open for use by all students in internal publications or school spirit.  

“That won’t be going away, but it won’t be the pre-eminent mark for the university. That one’s a little sportier … so we want something that will be institutional-looking,” Kniffel said.  


How much has rebranding the logo cost? 

Kniffel said since they are an internal marketing group, they are not charging anything for their services in terms of the execution of it.  

"We're not really actively spending any money on it,” Kniffel said. “It's just a matter of when we are redoing things, replacing things, we're going ahead and updating the brand, and the same will be true going forward.” 


What will happen to the lowercase “e” in front of Rendleman?

Kniffel said there are currently no plans to remove the lowercase “e” statue in front of Rendleman Hall. 

“Regardless of what happens with the little “e” the campus will evolve and it will grow, and there may be another kind of thing like that, but to my knowledge there are no plans to take that down,” Kniffel said.

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