MCT proposes bus fare overhaul

Madison County Transit is proposing changes to their bus fares including a reduced cost of transit passes, new fare types and elimination of zone fares. 

A summary of the proposal states the intention is to improve the passenger experience, simplify fares, reduce boarding time and grow ridership. 

The MCT district is currently divided into five zones within Madison County, although routes extend to both St. Clair County and downtown St. Louis. Travel between zones comes at a higher cost than travel within each zone. The proposal would eliminate zone distinctions within Madison County, in favor of one large zone covering the entire transit district. 

Fare structure would also be simplified. The proposal would combine the “Shuttle” and “Cross County” services, which stay within Madison County, into a single “Local Route” service type. “Regional” and “Express” services, which include travel within St. Clair County and St. Louis, would be combined into “Regional Route” service.

The proposal also includes a reduction in route fares, from a base fare of $1.50 for shuttle service and $2 for cross county service to $1 local route services. Regional services would stay at $3, but expand to include routes currently labeled express services, which are currently $3.50. 

Passes would be affected as well. The express round-trip pass would be replaced by a day pass, which would cost the same $5 and remain valid for a full calendar day. Monthly passes would be reduced from $50 to $40. Student monthly passes for grades K - 12 and 7-day passes would each be reduced from $20 to $15. 

The proposal would also reduce and simplify some fares for elderly or disabled passengers using their Runabout service, add a few more bus stops and introduce a $1 token, which would be usable as fare, or toward a pass purchase on any MCT bus. 

The MCT Board of Trustees anticipates these changes will be implemented by May 9, although the date, along with the changes themselves, are not finalized. For more information, visit or call MCT at 797-4600. 

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