Illinois General Assembly passes a bill that would put forth a new standard for police, criminal justice in Illinois

The addition of House Bill 3653, formerly named House Bill 163, implements a set of new guidelines for police officers, prisoners and court reform, which multiple Madison County police officers oppose.

Early Wednesday morning the bill was approved by the General Assembly meaning the changes could soon follow if approved by Gov. J.B. Pritzker. 

This bill has been loudly opposed by Edwardsville Police Chief Jay Keevan alongside multiple other Southern Illinois Police Chiefs Association members. They have strongly urged citizens to contact their representatives to voice their disapproval of the bill.

Some police officers believe that the passing of this bill will hinder their ability to keep their communities safe. Keevan said the 764-page bill was rushed to get pushed through. He said these new implementations will hurt the police officers, crime victims and the public.

Included in the bill are numerous police accountability measures that would push officers to be more transparent. These measures include expanding police training on use of force, police officers being equipped with body cameras by 2025 and removing the requirement for sworn affidavits for police misconduct complaints.

Sen. Elgie Sims Jr., sponsor of the bill, said in an interview with 5Chicago that he is happy with the passage of the bill. Sims said this is a step in the right direction to change criminal justice in Illinois. He said the bill will lead to overall better treatment of people who have been arrested since the bill will eliminate the usage of police chokeholds.

For more information on House Bill 3653 read this article.

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