Late Night Carnival Craze
Campus Activity Board is putting on their first Late Night event of the semester, Late Night Carnival Craze. The event will include free food and inflatables. The event will take place from 6- 9:30 p.m on Thursday, Sept. 30 in the Goshen Lounge of the Morris University Center. 

Senior accounting major Lindsey Miller from Gillespie, Illinois, is the Late Night at the MUC chair and is in charge of the event. She said she is excited for the event coming up as they have lots of fun activities planned such as a snack bar and inflatables.

“We’re going to have an inflatable obstacle course out on the patio for students to come to. Inside we’re going to have a candy bar, which will have a bunch of chocolaty things, but also a bunch of sour things like Sour Patch Kids and whatnot. And then we’re having popcorn to go along with the candy bar,” Miller said. 

Miller also said that there will be crafts for students who may not want to jump 
on inflatables.

“There is going to be a craft, so we’ll have little rubber duckies. [Students] can decorate the rubber duckies and stuff. But that’s about it, unless you want to go through the inflatables for like, three hours, then go for it,” Miller said.

 Graduate Student Kiah Meyer, from Elgin, Illinois, a graduate assistant for Campus Activities Board, is also on the Late Night committee. She said the event is meant to encourage students to get onto campus and have some fun.

“It’s kind of just designed to get students on campus as a way for them to come out, just to kind of start the year off right. I’m excited,” Meyer said.

According to Miller, Late Night events differ each month and will typically be at the end of the month. The committee decided to choose a new theme for this month’s event that they haven’t done. Since the events are on weeknights as opposed to weekends, the attendance tends to be lower, Miller said.

“In the past they had roughly around 75. So that’s what we’ve kind of started to base it off of and we ordered everything for about 75. But this being the first one of the year, we’re kind of going to test it and see. We can kind of base those numbers off of that,” Miller said.

Senior international studies major, Ashley Brown from Effingham, Illinois, is a student worker at the Kimmel. She said she’s excited for all the upcoming events on campus, especially the Late Night events.

“I’m excited for upcoming events like the Late Night events, and homecoming is next week so there’s gonna be a petting zoo [and] unchained cosmic bowling, so make sure to check that out,” Brown said.

Meyer said that the events that take place in October and November are also annual events. They have an October event that will typically take place near Cougar Lanes and is typically Halloween-themed. She also said that they have their annual Smore’s Giving, which is their November event.

“We’ll have hot chocolate, hot tea and a s’mores bar for students and we’re thinking of a DIY craft. There is something in the works for that,” Meyer said.
Miller also said that the Late Night Committee is looking for more members to join. Students who are interested may stop by the Kimmel Student Involvement Center.


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