CSPA virtual open house to answer students’ questions

The College Student Personnel Administration (CSPA) is holding their first virtual open house over Zoom for prospective students Noon on Friday, March 19.


CSPA is holding the virtual open house to help answer prospective students’ questions and help them understand the program better. The program, directed by Candace Hall and J. T. Snipes, will include students already involved in the program, so prospective students can get student perspectives along with the faculty.


“I think it’s a great opportunity for prospective students to ask questions of the program directors and faculty, but also current students,” Hall said.


The CSPA would usually have in-person events with students, but they decided to make these events virtual due to the pandemic. They also made the event an hour long instead of the usual day-long events due to attendees getting Zoom fatigue.


“We decided to keep it one hour because we know that people are tired of being on Zoom and just thinking about Zoom fatigue, we didn’t want to try and recreate the in-person program the exact same way it was,” Hall said.


The program includes an overview of the studies that CSPA provides. Some of these things are social justice and diversity courses. It will also provide a way for students to learn about Student Affairs.


“We are a program focused on research and social justice ... we have diversity courses,” Perry said.


Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Miriam Roccia said the program provides these courses and a very unique experience to both graduate and prospective students.


“Something I would add is the unique nature of a program like this,” Roccia said. Lindsy Perry, a second year graduate student in the program, said she has been able to make friends out of it and get involved with graduate assistantship programs.


“When I first came into this program I didn’t know anybody ... The Student Affairs Graduate Program has brought me some of my best friends,” Perry said.


Perry also said that the target audience for this open house would include students that are interested in the program and learning more about the people that are involved in the program along with the opportunities they can get out of it, such as the graduate assistantships.


The open house isn’t just for SIUE students, but anyone interested in the CSPA program or topics to be discussed.


Perry said going to this open house can help prospective students decide if the program is right for them.


“Student affairs programs across the nation are very competitive. It’s always about finding the right fit for you ... the virtual open house will help students understand our program,” Perry said.


Registration is required to attend; visit the SIUE CSPA website or Facebook page to sign up. They will send out a video to the people that are registered regarding the event.

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