Student Fee Increase

Student fees may increase by 5 percent for the 2022-23 fiscal year.

The fee increase is subject to approval by the SIU Board of Trustees at its meeting on Thursday, April 28. Student Government also voted in favor of the increase at its Senate meeting, but the vote was non-binding; only the Board of Trustees can decide on the fee increase. 

If approved, student fees would go from $103.20 per credit hour to $108.20 per credit hour. For an average undergraduate taking 15 hours, that amounts to an additional $75 per semester.

Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Jeffrey Waple says this proposed increase is necessary to maintain current operations under the upcoming minimum wage increase, inflation and would allow for an expansion to some services. 

The Health and Counseling Services fee is increasing to accommodate for inflation and staff turnover, as well as to remain competitive with market rates for counselors Waple said. Waple also hopes this proposed fee increase will allow counseling to offer more telehealth appointments at more times. Among other changes:

  • The Textbook Service Fee is increasing to pay for single-use access codes that are being used more frequently in courses.


  • The Information Technology Fee is increasing to pay for software licenses and smart classroom upgrades.


  • The Student Success Center Fee is increasing to pay for cleaning supplies as well as the bonds issued to pay for the construction of the SSC. 


  • The Facilities Fee is increasing to gather funds to pay for an upcoming renovation to Rendleman Hall.


  • The Student Publications Fee is increasing to accommodate for inflation and minimum wage increases.


Waple said the administration has proposed an increase each year, but the past two years they have been denied by the Board of Trustees

“We're hopeful that the current increase, though very small, will be supported,” Waple said. “And if not, we will go back and relook at it again and see what we can do.”

With this increase, SIUE’s tuition and fees would remain the lowest among public universities in Illinois.

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