Student Government Election Winners 2022

Newly-elected Student Body President Rahmat Salau said one of the things she plans to focus on specifically is housing charging students for staying on campus over breaks. 

Rahmat Salau and Nicole Burbach aim to make campus more safe and welcoming as the newly elected president and vice president. 

Rahmat Salau, junior accounting major, said one of her main goals is to make housing more efficient for students who choose to stay over break periods. 

“What’s in the works is that housing is going to create an international student specific housing page that will highlight all the information to students, especially non-traditional students, about summer breaks, housing options, the fees required and that kind of website will be linked to the [International Student and Scholar Services] webpage and that should be live in the early summer,” Salau said. 

Salau said part of the complaints about university housing were that students were being charged for arriving at the dorms earlier than expected. She said that they are working to reduce the costs of staying over break periods. 

“Students who are staying for the entire break period will be offered a discounted price where it’s a hundred dollars for a week,” Salau said. 

Nicole Burbach, senior biochemistry major, said that her biggest initiative as Student Body Vice President is to support the senators. 

Burbach said that whether it’s university wide or specific things within each school, the senators each have certain goals that they wish to implement. 

“My goal is to be more of a resource for them because, obviously, I will be working on my own things with the president. We’ll be collaborating a lot. I think if I could just act as a resource to the senators, that will make the campus have a larger impact because a lot of the people that get elected, they know what’s going on,” Burbach said. 

Burbach said that a step that’s being taken to improve safety on campus will be the campus safety walks. She said that these safety walks will have police officers walk around campus with students to identify areas that aren’t safe or made accessible to students with disabilities. 

“They would identify areas that aren’t safe or areas of low light or any number of things and would try to fix those and report back their findings,” Burbach said. 

Burbach said that after the campus safety walks, there would be a discussion with the administration and campus police on the steps that need to be taken to find a solution. 

As for improving mental health on campus, Burbach said that they are working with Counseling Services on Certified Peer Educator training. This training helps individuals to recognize and respond to the struggles their peers are facing. The ultimate goal is to make this training available to everyone. 

“The whole idea behind it is that other students are more likely to go to their peers or their friends rather than administration, your teacher, or an adult that you see as above you,” Burbach said. 

Salau said that it’s important to let people voice their opinions and struggles. She said that the entire goal of the student government is to act as a liaison between administration and the student body.

“Right outside the student government office, there is a suggestion box where you can just drop little notes and the student body president reads it once at least every week,” Salau said. 

Salau and Burbach will be sworn into office on April 25. 

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