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In addition to the ability to attend classes at SIUE, student tuition also goes toward various other resources available on campus. Here is a brief rundown of a  few of the many serves available to SIUE students.


Counseling Services

Counseling Services offers students short-term assistance for those with personal, developmental and academic concerns. They provide these services through a model of care that consist of bi-weekly or weekly, 50-minute sessions focused on a specific goal.

However, if during their initial assessment they determine a student would be better served through long-term care in the community, they will support them in a successful referral to an off-campus provider.

To make an appointment, call them at 618-650-2842 or go to their office at the Student Success Center in Room 0222.


Health Service

Health Service offers a wide range of services to students. These include clinical care, prescription pickups, gynecological healthcare, lab work and viral testing.

For students who wish to use these resources, international students must provide proof of insurance and all other students, while not required, are encouraged to have insurance to avoid additional costs. Insurance can be offered through the school if necessary as well.

To make an appointment, call them at 618-650-2842 or go to their office at the Student Success Center in Room 0222.


Career Development Center

The Career Development Center assists students in making the most of their education and preparing for a successful career after graduation.

One of the services they offer are career counselors, who will meet with student one-on-one to help them in choosing a major, writing a resumé, finding an internship/co-op, searching for full-time positions, preparing for interviews, researching graduate schools or building professional skills such as networking and social media.

They also offer online career assessments such as TruTalent Personality, which helps students to better understand themselves and their natural talents and TruTalent Intelligences, which helps students recognize their multiple forms of intelligence.

To make an appointment or learn more about their online assessments, call them at 618-650‑3708 or visit their office at the Student Success Center in Room 0281.


Madison County Transit

Madison County Transit provides bus service at SIUE and many surrounding areas throughout the county. MCT has multiple routes that help students reach destinations on and off campus. The #17 Cougar Shuttle provides access to Peck Hall every 10 minutes from five Cougar Village bus stops. Students accessing campus from downtown Edwardsville, student housing near New Poag Rd, the Greenhill apartments, and the Esic area can take the #22 University Shuttle. The #19 can transport students from SIUE to the Glen Carbon Walmart; the #4 to the Enclave apartments off of 157 and Edwardsville Station downtown.

At Edwardsville Station, students can catch the #16 to many Highway 159 shopping centers, the #16X for express service to downtown St. Louis and Metrolink stations or the #7 to the Amtrak Station in Alton.

The #17 Cougar Shuttle provides students free transport between Peck Hall and Cougar Village every 10 minutes, but all other services require fare payment either in cash, $1 each way if they stay in Madison County, or an MCT pass which can be purchased on their phone via the Token Transit app, or at the Welcome Center at Morris University Center.

To explore MCT services at SIUE, visit


Writing Center

SIUE’s Writing Center is designed to help students work on specific parts of a paper they are struggling with during their writing process. They offer sessions limited to 30 minutes in-person and online as well as asynchronous help via email.

However, they will not assist a student in editing, proofreading or evaluating their paper against their course’s rubric and students can only participate in one session per day and two per week.

To make an appointment, email them at or set up an appointment online at

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