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It’s no secret jobs are hard to come by right now, but don’t fear! The Alestle is hiring talented SIUE students this summer for a variety of positions. The safety of our staffers comes first, so staffers will not be expected to do in-office work. 


Our staff is composed of all different majors — you do not need to be a communications major to join our team. Applicants must be enrolled in a minimum of three credit hours this summer and be ready to hone a variety of skills. Staffers will walk away being able to boast that they worked for an award-winning publication — this is not something most students can say.


We are currently looking for photographers in the Edwardsville area who can also shoot in St. Louis when needed, reporters and copy editors. Here’s what you can expect to learn from each position: 



  • Take your writing to the next level with help from our experienced editors and adviser

  • Master Associated Press style and learn how to produce fair, accurate content with a fairly quick turnaround (Don’t worry if you’re not familiar with AP Style, we’ll teach you.) 

  • Learn proper interviewing techniques, and hone your interviewing skills

  • Learn how to write a variety of content — news, lifestyles, opinion and sports

  • Dig into more in-depth pieces and learn how to access public records

  • Learn how to navigate police blotters and other crime documentation 

  • Determine the best sources for each story

  • Learn how to best position your own work online so more people will see it

  • Cultivate the skills needed to discover story ideas and how to pitch ideas 

  • Work as part of a team to improve content for our audience


Copy Editors

  • Master AP Style like a champ

  • Learn to give constructive feedback on content 

  • Follow guidelines for good design to help produce the best looking issues 

  • Fact check stories, cutlines and infographics

  • Find and help us fix holes in our reporting

  • Improve your writing by improving the writing of others 

  • Learn the difference between hard news, lifestyles features and opinion writing, and differentiate the type of content found in each section 

  • Identify what is newsworthy content and what is not

  • Cultivate the skills needed to discover and pitch story ideas

  • You will also have the opportunity to have pieces of your own published in The Alestle



  • Visually document life and issues at SIUE

  • Find the interesting angle 

  • Master the sacred art of cutline (caption) writing 

  • Become familiar with qualities of good photojournalism to improve your own skills 

  • Learn Photoshop and Lightroom 

  • Work with reporters and editors to take photos to accompany content 

  • Utilize your photographer’s eye to capture events as they happen 

  • Cultivate the skills needed to discover and pitch story and photo ideas


We encourage work done for The Alestle be used in student portfolios. Our alumni boast countless accomplishments: former staffer Lexi Cortes was named one of Editor and Publisher’s top “25 under 35” newspaper leaders, and one of our former multimedia editors Brian Munoz’s photos recently appeared in The New York Times. Former managing editor Holly Meyer’s work has been on the front page of USA Today. Former editor in chief Catherine Klene was the digital managing editor of Sauce Magazine in St. Louis. We even have a Pulitzer Prize winner as one of our alumnae. Paige St. John won the Pulitzer Prize in 2011 for her reporting for the Sarasota Herald-Tribune about shady dealing in the Florida insurance industry. She now works for the L.A. Times where she has been writing about the victims of the Golden State Killer — a series that has been turned into the podcast “Man In The Window.”


Whether you’re interested in a career with journalism or photography or are just looking to check it out, we want to see your application! New staffers can expect to work 15+ hours per week, starting at $9.25 per hour. We encourage applicants to apply by Saturday, May 30. On this date, editors will begin reviewing applications.  Click here to fill out an application today! 

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