Students may have seen some changes happening in Lovejoy Library. Empty shelves may seem a bit out of the ordinary for a library, but for Lovejoy it means big updates. 

Shelly McDavid, the area coordinator for access and library spaces and STEM librarian, has been heading up the project.

“We are deselecting materials out of the collection that haven’t either circulated ever or haven’t circulated within six years. We’re essentially shrinking the collection to free up space,”  McDavid said. 

McDavid said she hopes that by freeing up space on the second floor, she can create spaces that benefit students. All of the remaining books on the second floor will be moved up to the third floor, where brand new shelving is being installed soon. She also said that the project hit full speed this summer and continues to be a main focus for the library. 

“We have everyone in the library working on the deselection project, even if it’s only like an hour a week, just because it’s all hands on deck right now,” McDavid said. “The whole library is, in some respects, getting a little bit of a facelift.”

By removing the stacks, McDavid said she is hoping to flood the second floor with natural light and beautiful views. She said that since Lovejoy is located centrally near the MUC that it should feel like the student’s library, a functional, beautiful hub of campus. She is hoping to incorporate other student services from around campus such as a small satellite office for the Student Success Center or a Writing Center kiosk, making the library a space of community. 

Junior computer engineering major Isabel Lamonte from Belleville, Illinois, said her role is to deselect books, and she is sad to see some books go. She was hired this past summer to help with projects but often helps out at the front desk or wherever she is needed now that the school year has started. 

“We’re going to also be changing our bookshelves and making it nice and cleaner, and possibly adding some more discussion areas or collaboration areas for groups and students. So I think it’ll bring a lot more good to the place,” Lamonte said. “It’s nice to see my tuition go towards some nicer things, so I can be proud of what the campus has.”

Junior geography major, Kyra Dietz, from Troy, Missouri, has also been working at the library and said she is enjoying her job and is excited to see what the new changes will bring to the library. 

“I have pulled books from the 1950s that have barely been touched and I box them up and stamp the box with ‘withdraw from Lovejoy’,” Dietz said. “I always feel so bad about how loud my tape is when I’m 

working on the boxes because the library is supposed to be silent. But I love it here, I’m already like, ‘Sign me up for next semester.’”  

The librarians and student workers said they hope by the next fall semester the project will be complete.


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