Village of Glen Carbon approves return of Glen Fest

The Glen Carbon Village Board of Trustees have approved the return of the Glen Fest at their last meeting, setting the date for Oct. 2, 2021.


Mayor Bob Marcus said it was time to plan an event and he is excited for it.


“We have not had homecoming for two years now, so we do have the funds there,” Marcus said. “I think it’s good for the village and for our residents to have an event and get community involvement.”


Village Administrator Jamie Bowden said there is over $40,000 in the Community Events Fund available at this time.


“Usually what happened is that the Homecoming supported the Glen Fest,” Bowden said. “My thought would be, if we ran the event, we make it a little more turnkey.”


Bowden is looking to propose a budget for the next trustee meeting to assess the possibilities of securing a band, a bubble bus, food vendors, alcohol vendors and fireworks.


“I think we could probably do it for $15,000 or less,” Bowden said.


Village Trustee Ben Maliszewski said he felt they should have two different types of fees for local vendors, possibly a percentage of their profits as opposed to a straight fee.


Bowden proposed the possibility of no charge for nonprofit vendors, $50 for for-profit vendors and $100-$150 for alcohol vendors, to which Maliszewski agreed.


“You’ll get more local participation at no cost versus any cost, so I think whatever they make on their sales, they could keep,” Maliszewski said.


Homecoming, which had been canceled in Glen Carbon during its Jan. 25 Building and Development Committee Meeting, is slated to return the weekend of June 17-18 of 2022.


The Village Board of Trustees meets the second and fourth Tuesday of each month at 7 p.m. at 151 N. Main St. in Glen Carbon.

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