Several weeks ago, anti-trans stickers were found in various places around campus. The Bias Incident Response Team on campus sent out an email that outlined what had occurred and the university’s response to the incident.


“It was brought to the attention of the Bias Incident Response Team that anti-trans stickers have been placed in various locations across the campus. Members of SIUE's facilities team have been diligent about removing the stickers and keeping BIRT aware as additional stickers have been identified,” an email sent by the Bias Incident Response Team said. 


The stickers were later identified to be placed by a woman who was part of the ‘womenexxist group’. This group has been going around Illinois placing stickers on campus, in stores and other places to spread the anti-trans message. SIUE’s campus was one of the places hit with these stickers. 


As of Oct. 11, all the stickers that have been identified on campus have been removed either by individuals or the Bias Incident Response team. To report a sticker, complete a Bias Incident Report Form for the team to look over or call 650-3324. 


For more information on fighting bias or finding support at SIUE visit the SIUE Safezone website.

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