SIU System President Dan Mahony has recommended Dr. Gireesh Gupchup to take on the role of Vice President for Academic Innovation, Planning and Partnerships for the SIU system. Gupchup currently serves as a pharmacy professor and director of University-Community Initiatives at SIUE, and previously served as the Dean of the SIUE School of Pharmacy for eight years. 

Before coming to SIUE, Gupchup was chair of the PharmaEconomics, Pharmaceutical Policy and Outcomes Research Graduate Program at the University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center and became a tenured associate professor. He also earned a doctorate in pharmacy practice from Purdue University. 

“I believe that a key to success in many areas of the Vice President’s responsibilities is developing a strategic plan with buy-in from the SIU campuses and external stakeholders. I know this is a key achievement President Mahony wants to accomplish as quickly as possible,” Gupchup said in a statement. “I look forward to being a part of that process. Such a plan will consider how each SIU campus with its distinct strengths and missions, when combined, will have the potential to create an array of innovative academic, scholarship and service programs that can benefit students and serve the community in manifold ways.”

A press release stated that Gupchup is to play a leading role in creating inter-university partnerships that will be organized at a system level, while keeping the characteristics of each campus intact. Jim Allen previously served as acting vice president.


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