Chancellor Randy Pembrook

Chancellor Randy Pembrook addresses students’ concerns about racist incidents on campus in a 2017 Q&A.

Following Chancellor Randy Pembrook’s retirement announcement, a search committee is being put together to find SIUE’s next chancellor.

SIU System President Dan Mahony is currently accepting nominations for representatives of different stakeholder groups on campus to serve on the committee.

This includes graduate and undergraduate students, faculty, staff, alumni and local community members.

Mahony said he hopes to create a diverse group to represent the needs of the university.

“We want to make sure that we have a nice balance of race, gender, everything else and there’s diversity on the committee,” Mahony said. “And then we may even add some people beyond what’s on that list, depending on who we get as nominees.”

Mahony announced Vice Chancellor for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Jessica Harris will chair the committee. He has also selected System Vice President for Academic Innovation, Planning and Partnerships Gireesh Gupchup to serve as a non-voting member on the committee. The three of them will be deciding the committee members based on nominations.

Gupchup was the chair of the previous search committee that hired Pembrook. He said this experience will be helpful to him and his office. 

SIUE hopes to announce next chancellor by December, forms search committee.

“I’ve been associated with SIUE campus for 17 years now. I used to be the dean of pharmacy, and I chaired the previous chancellor search. So, I have good knowledge of not only the campus, but working with the search firm and the process,” Gupchup said. “Having been through the process once before, and successfully having hired Dr. Pembrook, I think that’s what my experience and my office’s experience will bring to the search.”

Mahony said he’s searching for a candidate whose values align with the direction the university wants to go.

“You want someone whose values and sense of direction is consistent with the rest of the system leadership and the campus leadership,” Mahony said. “So they fit in kind of well with where we’re going, [we] definitely want someone who’s highly collaborative, and works well, both with the people at the system level, but also with the different stakeholder groups across campus. I also always like to hire people who know things I don’t know.”

SIUE will be using higher education search firm WittKieffer to publicize the position opening and narrow down candidates. They assisted with the search for Chancellor Pembrook and Carbondale’s chancellor search last year.

Pembrook announced his retirement would take place sometime near June 2022.

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