Chancellor Search

SIUE and WittKieffer, the executive search firm supporting the chancellor search, hosted a student listening session on June 28 for students to discuss what they are looking for in the next chancellor.


WittKieffer will build a candidate profile from information gathered at this and other sessions it will be holding based on responses. The firm is asking students to consider what makes a good chancellor, how that chancellor will need to perform, what challenges the chancellor will face and how will students judge a chancellor’s success.


Jessica Harris, vice chancellor for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion and associate professor of historical studies, said that these summer sessions for faculty, students, staff and community members are important to use that feedback to decide what type of candidate will best fit the needs of the new chancellor to assist in their search sessions.


“The sessions that have been held this summer, they help inform the leadership profile, … a tool to recruit candidates to this position. As the search process really gets going [at], the end of June, July, into August, September, there will be additional listening sessions … for faculty, staff, students, alumni and community members and parents are more than welcome to attend,” Harris said. “I think any folks that are a part of our community, whether they're on campus or not, have some ideas [for who our] next chancellor will be. Their feedback is absolutely needed and appreciated.”


Harris said it is important that everyone has a voice and is engaged in the process of choosing the next chancellor.


“WittKieffer’s job and our job as the search advisory committee is to take all of that into account [once we] start vetting candidates, to make sure that not only the leadership profile but also the candidate that we ultimately bring forward align with what peoples’ expectations are,” Harris said.


Students who did not have a chance to attend but would like to give input on who they think would make a good candidate for chancellor can still provide feedback by taking about Qualtrics survey or may reach out to WittKieffer directly at

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