COVID-19 Masks

Though the state mask mandate will end Feb. 28, campus will continue to require masks and revisit the mandate after spring break.

Chancellor Randy Pembrook said administration plans to “keep the status quo on masks” until spring break, when the mandate will be reevaluated after James Minor takes over the chancellor position.

COVID-19 Response Coordinator Michael Schultz said the administration will be looking at surrounding case numbers, what other universities are doing and what guidance comes from the Illinois Board of Higher Education and the SIU System.

Schultz said the end of the state mask mandate comes at a bad time since it is shortly before spring break. 

“What we have found in our history is that the number of positives we get after we bust our bubble and go out and travel ... tend to be a little bit higher, as we come back into our bubble,” Schultz said. “So, the timing is not the best for that and so that's one of the things that we're considering.”

While the administration has no current plans for mandatory reentry testing after spring break, Schultz encourages everyone to take a COVID-19 test upon their return.

“I would strongly recommend for people to do that, especially the first two weeks back — vaccinated or not vaccinated,” Schultz said. “I think it's a great practice to make our community safe that we go ahead and strongly encourage everybody to do that at least.”

For more information about SIUE’s response to COVID-19 and positivity rates check the COVID-19 information page.

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Shy Student

Its not like mandates are being enforced. Every building has groups of students walking through without mask. They may cover their mouth when in class, but even some students are opting out in front of their professors.

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