Wonderlic chose the Building Illinois’ Bioeconomy Consortium  — an education and training program conducted by SIUE and four other regional community colleges — as a recipient of the Wonderlic scholarship for soft skills training program. The scholarship will help increase access to resources for students in the consortium program. 

The Building Illinois Bioeconomy Consortium program began as way to develop creative pathways to high paying jobs in the bioeconomy field, which is usually targeted at adults who shift careers, or displaced workers and veterans. 

Wonderlic CEO Charlie Wonderlic said in a press release Jan. 23, he is pleased to offer scholarships to hardworking students. 

“We are excited to offer these scholarships to the sorts of programs that we believe will have the greatest impact on their students and to their community.”

The scholarship will provide students the opportunity to participate in the Wonderlic soft skills training bootcamp, which emphasizes competency-based instruction for communication, interpersonal skills, listening and nonverbal skills, teamwork, professionalism, critical thinking and self-management and initiative. 

For more information on the Building Illinois’ Bioeconomy Consortium, visit www.buildingilbio.com.

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Justin Burgmann

I read this article and this article is based on a scholar ship program, as given in economic-niagara.org for your help. Scholarship programs are actually launched for the help of poor and needy peoples who cannot pay their fees and afford other expenditures.

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