Feeling overwhelmed is not an unknown feeling to college students. SIUE Counseling Services has created a class to support students. Adulting 101 wants to give students the skills they need to feel confident when entering the “real world.”

College students often find themselves lost and confused, unsure of where to go for help. Counseling Services knows this. That is why Adulting 101 was created, according to Taylor Rogers, a staff counselor. It is a virtual class that will take place every Wednesday for seven weeks.

Adulting 101 is an open therapy group, created for students who feel a bit overwhelmed about life. The class will be talking about topics ranging from morals and values to emotion regulation skills.

Rogers will be leading the class. She said that when planning for the fall semester, she was thinking about her college years and what she had wished she had learned.

“I feel like nobody teaches the skills of being an adult, like a healthy happy adult, we get taught about silly stuff in math... but nobody teaches you about emotion regulation or identity development,” Rogers said.

According to Rogers, Adulting 101 is a good class for students who aren’t comfortable with sharing a lot of personal feelings, or just want a place to learn a bit more about self-regulation skills.

“The purpose of this group is for individuals to learn a little bit more about themselves, and these topics in general and to develop some skills associated with these topics,” Rogers said. “So while students might do a little bit of reflecting and a little bit of processing. If you put a scale on vulnerability, it’s on the lower end.”

Counseling services is also offering other classes this fall. There will be classes such as “Transforming the Frenemy Within,” which will focus on learning to be kinder to yourself, or “Breaking Ground,” a class geared toward first-generation students.

Adulting 101 is every Wednesday from 1-2:30 p.m. on Zoom.

To enroll in Adulting 101 or any other of the classes offered, call Counseling Services at 650-2842 to schedule a brief group screening. The screening is to ensure that the class will be a good fit and to offer any extra information.

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