Oaxaca is the spot for good, classic tacos

Despite a somewhat funny realization about the menu, Oaxaca proved to be a great spot for tacos near campus.


While sitting in my booth at Oaxaca, I immediately noticed a somewhat depressing part of the menu. To help my fellow uneducated English speakers with pronunciation, a few times on the menu, the name of the restaurant is misspelled. Instead of “Enchiladas Oaxaca,” the menu says “Enchiladas Wahaka.” But it made sense, because I immediately imagined someone reading the menu, and brutally mispronouncing the word Oaxaca.


I was a little disappointed that I couldn't order single tacos of each kind, and could only go for three of one kind. I settled for an order of tacos al pastor, which is marinated pork, pineapple and the taco classics, cilantro and onion. Tacos al pastor often come with a bit of the marinade from the pork on the side. The pineapple was in fairly big pieces, but I didn’t mind. The pork was a bit tough, but that’s par for the course with marinated meats. For $11, each taco individually was about $3.60, which is reasonable, but a touch more than expected


My biggest gripe was one tortilla per taco. I’ve been to other restaurants that put a second tortilla beneath the first, as a sort of reserve for when one inevitably falls apart. I don’t mind my food falling apart, so it wasn’t the end of the world. I think fighting to keep those tortillas together was well worth it, considering the flavor.


4 / 5- Taste

5 / 5- Appearance

4 / 5- Price


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