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It’s late January, and we all know what that means: tis’ the season where the New Year’s Resolutions are slowly losing their sparkle and the motivation is waning. With fitness at the top of everyone’s list, I decided to put together a playlist of songs that always get me moving, no matter how many stressors (or new Netflix shows) life throws my way.


‘Wired,’ Sonny Fodera and Ella Eyre

DJ, producer, remixer, however you want to label Sonny Fodera, we can all agree this collab with Ella Eyre is the high-energy powerhouse that’ll get us through even the most dreaded workouts. It’s impossible to hear this song without getting the sudden urge to get up and move. 


‘Redemption,’ Kendrick 

Lamar, Zacari, Mampintsha, Babes Wodumo

Nothing less than “iconic” can describe Kendrick Lamar’s “Black Panther” album. The great thing about “Redemption” that the featured artists have their moments to shine, not one cancels out the other. With a variety of languages being represented, “Redemption” has tons of flair. 


‘Ballin,’ Mustard and Roddy Ricch 

I first discovered this song on a Spotify workout playlist, and I can see why it made its way there. There’s nothing better than a “started from the bottom” song to motivate people to make positive changes in their lives. It sure works for me. 


‘Blinding Lights (with Rosalía) Remix,’ 

The Weeknd

I must admit, this song makes its way onto nearly all my playlists. The original hit is versatile —  you don’t need to be in any specific mood to enjoy it, and the addition of Rosalía is just enough to help me not to get sick of hearing it on every radio station. While my old lady knees keep me from intense running sessions, I do start to sprint a bit when the chorus hits.  


‘Levitating,’ Dua Lipa 

How else can I describe this other than fun, upbeat, celestial pop? This song will have you singing as you count your reps. Fair warning: It’ll be running through your head long after your workout ends. 


‘Candle,’ Quinn XCII 

Quinn XCII, also known as Chelsea Cutler’s BFF, is always there for me when I need a mood boost, which I think we all need whether we are in the middle of cardio or some squats. he chorus is just the right length for me to get over 30 twists in, and I take advantage of the verses for my breaks. “Candle” has a good, slow build up, making it the perfect song to time your rests to. 


‘Titanium,’ David Guetta ft. Sia 

It may be a little bit of a throwback, sure, but there’s nothing wrong with that. This takes me back to simpler times, when Friday nights consisted of roller skating at the YMCA and downing off-brand blue ICEEs like they were rum and Cokes. That sugar rush was just what we needed to skate for hours, and this song is what you need to channel that same energy into your present-day workout. 


‘10 F*CKS,’ Tory Lanez, Mansa 

Is it time for a break yet? Drink some water and stretch out those cramps to this chill song. After periods of high intensity from “Titanium,” you can take a small break. Just not for the whole song, though. If you need to keep a slow tempo, this is the song for you. 


‘Circus - Diplo Circus Remix,’ Britney Spears

Another bit of a throwback, but how can we not have this iconic song on here? Remember, your fitness journey is all about one person and one person only: you. And motivation to be a version of yourself you love should be enough. You call the shots, just as Britney says. 

‘God is a Dancer,’ Tiësto, 


If there’s two things pop culture has taught me in recent years, it’s that God is a woman, and she’s a hell of a dancer. Tiësto and Mabel have blessed us with this bop, with a little razzle dazzle confidence to get you on your toes. 


‘Slide,’ Calvin Harris, Frank Ocean, Migos, Funk Wav 

After ‘Close’ and ‘Summer’ made it to my personal workout playlist, I knew I had to pay homage to Calvin Harris on this public one, and I’m pretty sure you all will be pleased with my decision. And Frank Ocean’s vocals? Ugh, I’m in love. Perhaps I saved the best for last here. After 40 minutes of pushing it, this is your ultimate reward. 

So, there you have it. No matter how intense the exercise, these songs make working out something to look forward to. For the link to this playlist, click here.

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