Anthropology student won several awards, helped create Little Free Library during time at SIUE

During her time at SIUE, Evan Senat, an anthropology major from Belleville, Illinois, has done many impactful things such as helping create the Little Free Library on campus, but her education will not end with graduation. This summer she plans to study abroad.

During this semester Senat won many awards, like the Robin Brown Memorial Life Experience Award in Anthropology and Community Engagement in Anthropology, and she also won a scholarship on top of that.

“I won the Community Engagement Award because I have been working the position of community outreach chair for the SIUE college democrats,” Senat said. “As well as that I also had an internship at a local historical museum here in Belleville for the entirety of my senior year, and I have also been a volunteer Cougar Guide.”

Senat also worked on many different projects in her time here, such as working as a Legacy Leadership student, being a Cougar Guide and being a student captioner; students that volunteer and caption lectures for professors.

Julie Zimmermann, the chair of the anthropology department and professor, said one of the most impressive things Senat was able to do has been helping create the Little Free Library at The Gardens, this is a Library that you can pick books out for free and then if you chose to, you can replace the book you took with a new one.

“What I’m most impressed about was her help withthe book drive to collect books for the Little Library in the SIUE Garden,” Zimmermann said. “Specifically, she wanted targeted books that were about diversity and inclusion.” 

James Beverly, an applied communications studies major from Belleville, Illinois, and friend of Senat, said one thing that was always a challenge for Senat was balancing work, school and time with her friends.

“Sometimes she just doesn’t have the time to just breathe and hang out with her friends,” Beverly said. “It’s because she wants to help and do everything she possibly can.”

Senat is looking forward to her graduation and also having her commencement because it will be held in person this year.

“I’m really excited,” Senat said. “This has just been what I’ve been looking forward to since the beginning of college.” 

After graduation Senat doesn’t plan on ending her academic career. She plans to go abroad and study to continue learning even more after graduation. She wants to get the experience of going abroad to another country. 

“I actually applied for anthropological field school in Malta for the summer,” Senat said. “Malta is out of the country in Ireland in the Mediterranean Sea.”

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