The Cheshire Grin Cat Cafe in St. Louis is the perfect place for a stress-relieving afternoon where you can enjoy a good coffee and hang out with the cutest cats and kittens. 


The cafe, which also functions as a rescue, is a two-story corner building with a small cat-free cafe area where guests check in and order coffee and pastries. When guests first arrive, there is a waiver you must sign in case a cat is in a bad mood and scratches. There are a couple of cats who are well-known to be more aggressive, so the cafe has given them pink collars for guests to stay a bit further away from them as they adjust to people. 


Guests then pass through a set of two doors to get into the backs of the space where the older cats are free-roaming and the kittens are in little safe areas. Upstairs is a larger open space where the older cats tend to hang out, play with toys, relax in sunbeams or interact with guests whom they deem worthy.


The cafe is extra special, as visitors can meet their future pet, with all but two of the cats being adoptable. The two cats who are permanent fixtures, Whiskey and Yuki, are the adorable residents of the cafe and were watching over the cafe area and kittens the day we visited. 


The cafe is dedicated to their animals and has high standards for people hoping to adopt. There are no same-day adoptions as prospective pet parents must fill out an application and have a 

conversation with a staff member about the cat and their responsibilities. This is because the cafe wants to ensure that all of the cats end up with safe and loving families. 


The cats that are taken in are usually ones at risk of being euthanized, or from other rescues who are low on space until they find their forever home. Displayed on their walls are pictures of hundreds of cats who have been adopted from the cafe. 


It was one of my favorite things that I have done so far this year, and I would gladly pay the five-dollar reservation fee again to go back. The animals are well taken care of, having hundreds of places to hide, climb and play. Even though I do not have the space or money to support a cat 

right now, I know that in the future, I would like to go back and be able to meet my cat in a more relaxed space. 


As a stressed and busy college student, an hour spent with kittens and friends was the perfect stress reliever. It was also great to be able to support a local rescue and see the impact of it right in front of us.


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