THE HEADPHONE JACK: ‘Let’s Marvin Gaye and get it on’ with these sexy songs


Let’s set the scene: the lights are dimmed, all roommates are gone, but just in case, the door is locked. If you’re in a car, it’s time to steam up the windows. But before you remove your clothes, or those of your partner(s), don’t forget to press play. 


Introducing what is arguably the most useful Headphone Jack: songs to have sex to. Our staff has made this beautiful compilation of songs guaranteed to get you in the mood, whether you’re having some much-needed alone time or getting it on with others. 


'S&M' - Rihanna 

This would not be a sex playlist if we did not include this song, and even though it came out during many of our middle school years, bad girl RiRi still takes the cake when it comes to provocative songs. 


'Circus - Diplo Circus Remix' - Britney Spears 

Yes, crack that whip (if that’s what you’re into, no kink shaming here). Just remember: You don’t have to be an exhibitionist to put on a good show.


'Outside' - The Weeknd

Another OG jam that sparked Gen Z’s sexual awakening. Let’s be honest, the whole “Trilogy” album did. With “XO/ The Host” to “D.D.” you could honestly just play the whole album on Spotify and be fine (just skip the songs that give you the feels). Let Abel Tesfaye’s confidence inspire you: when you're finished with your lucky partner(s), they won’t wanna go outside. 


'West Coast' - Lana Del Rey 

This is just … perfection. Her low, sultry vocals are perfect to get in a slow rhythm to. Fun fact: for those of us who are uncoordinated, this is the perfect song to perform your first lap dance. 


'Pussy is God' -  King Princess 

Name a more iconic lesbian song. We’ll wait. Yes, Hayley Kiyoko’s music is a strong contender, but once you listen to this song, you’ll know where I’m coming from (hehe). 


'Moment’s Silence (Common Tongue)' - Hozier 

This is another one where you just gotta listen to the lyrics — they are the pinnacle of erotic poetry. In case you didn’t catch on the first time around, this song is all about oral sex. Now, combine that with Hozier and woo-wee. 


'Daddy Issues' - The Neighbourhood

Between the steady, rhythmic beat and Jesse Rutherford’s soft vocals, this is the perfect song to get it on to if you want to slow it down a little. You don’t need to have daddy issues to enjoy this one, but it certainly doesn’t hurt. 


'Dinner and Diatribes' - Hozier 

Yes, another song from the “Wasteland, Baby!” album, because it’s too hard to pick just one. If the combination of Hozier deep vocals, powerful drums and lyrics implying wild sex without regard for consequences doesn’t do it for you, we don’t know what will. 


'Love is a Bitch' - Two Feet

If you’ve ever found yourself on the thirst trap side of TikTok, you probably know this one. The melody is undeniably erotic, and you might even feel like you’re in a movie. 


'Deity' - Valeree

This is the perfect counterpart to Hozier’s “Take Me to Church,” especially if you want to get slow and sensual. It’s also a little blasphemous if that’s your jam.


'bad idea!' - girl in red

If you prefer to get down to alt-rock, this might be the song for you. This song takes a break from girl in red’s usual indie pop to adopt a rock/pop-punk influence, which perfectly fits its message about hooking up with someone against your better judgment because you just can’t resist. 


'Hypnotic' - Zella Day

This song is a few years old, but still deserves its spot on the playlist. The buildup to the climax of the song (pun intended) is guaranteed to make you feel like you’re the star of a steamy sex scene. 


'Redbone' - Childish Gambino

This one is halfway through Gambino’s 2016 album, “Awaken, My Love!” The lyrics are about suspicions of cheating, but the groove of the song and the feel of it creates an undeniably sexy ambience that fills almost that entire album.


'Lancaster Nights' - Charlie Burg

With the all-consuming groove of this song, it’s impossible to sit still. And with the slinking vocals from Burg, this would make a fantastic backdrop to any special night.


'No Diggity' - Chet Faker

Although this is a cover of a song by Blackstreet that features Dr. Dre, but unlike their version, this is slowed down, stripped down and has no rap verses. And although Dr. Dre rapping is usually a treat, this version is undeniably sexier.


'Power and Control' - Marina 

Along with most of Marina’s songs this song is fast paced and electric sounding. The lyrics are captivating and flow together and can easily put you into a mood.


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