Pete's Pops

Pete’s Pops, though slightly expensive, were certainly a gourmet experience, as far as popsicles go. The price was $4 each — a little expensive for a popsicle — but they are handmade, and they had discount deals for buying multiple at a time, which would be a good choice for a group looking to cool down. I can’t say it wasn’t worth the price though; the raspberry-lime popsicle I had was fully worth it. 

The packaging was a bit difficult to open, which led to a little melting before I got to the popsicle because of the intense heat, but that did little to dampen the experience. I could tell the popsicle had real fruit flavor, and it tasted great because of it. I’m not a fan of overly sugary popsicles, but Pete’s Pops avoided that problem, with fresh, tart popsicles that had just the right amount of sweetness to balance out the tart flavor. 

I didn’t get a chance to try more than one flavor, but if the raspberry-lime popsicle I had is any indicator, these are certainly worth a try. On a hot, muggy day, these popsicles were refreshing, providing a pleasant chance to cool down despite the weather. If you’re willing to shell out a little extra money for a fresh, unique flavor, definitely go for Pete’s Pops.

FOOD- 5/5



TOTAL- 12/15

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