G Burrito was the only food truck with a variety of Mexican cuisine, whereas other trucks featured solely tacos — so naturally the line was long. Their menu featured burritos, quesadillas and tacos. Each menu item could be customized with your choice of meat. They also had Mexican sodas and other beverages to purchase, but no alcohol.

I tried their “G” Burrito, which is their standard burrito. The burrito was filled with shredded chicken, Spanish rice, refried beans, lettuce, cheese dip, pico de gallo, lettuce and sour cream.

For one burrito, the total came to $12.99 plus tax. Since the meal didn’t include any sides, I felt as if the price was a little high. The burrito was a regular size and would not fill someone up if they were looking for a meal. On the other hand, this may have been the goal to encourage customers to try other food trucks. If that were the case, then I’d lower the price a little.

Although the line was long, I had purchased a drink from another stand and the wait went by quickly. The menu was printed on a piece of cardboard in a small font on the truck, which was kind of hard to read while standing in line. Once I arrived at the cashier to place my order, they were friendly and answered any questions about the menu.

Since every menu item is made to order and has quite a few food ingredients in them, it was a longer wait compared to Mission Taco. I believe I waited a little under 10 minutes as there were a few orders in front of me. My burrito was wrapped in aluminum foil to keep it warm until I was able to find a spot to eat.

When I unwrapped the burrito, steam came out of the packaging. This was a relief after my experience with eating cold tacos from Mission Taco. G Burrito didn’t have any knives to cut my food, so instead I used a fork and was able to somewhat put a cut down the middle of the burrito. All of the fillings together made for a mouthful, but meshed together beautifully in my mouth. In my opinion, you can’t go wrong with a simple burrito filled with rice, beans and chicken.

FOOD- 5/5



TOTAL- 14/15

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