The Headphone Jack: The Alestle’s favorite songs of 2022

These may or may not be the best of 2022, but they’re our picks for our favorite songs of the past year.


‘About Damn Time,’ Lizzo

2022’s self-love anthem and TikTok trend deserves its place as one of the most popular songs of last year.


‘Beg For You,’ Charli XCX, Rina Sawayama

For many pop music fans, very few artists can top Charli XCX and Rina Sawayama. This song is a prime example of why.


‘Should’ve Been Me,’ Mitski

Mitski has never shied away from upbeat instrumentals with sad lyrics, and this is certainly a key example of that. I found it just as enjoyable as I did when I reviewed the album it came out on early last year.


‘As It Was,’ PREP

Yes, I chose a cover in place of the original version of this song. The original is good, but it’s not my fault that this is the better version.


‘Boyfriend,’ Dove Cameron

From Disney Channel starlet to queer icon, this song trended this year for a reason. It's powerful, dramatic, and oh-so catchy.


‘Swan Upon Leda,’ Hozier

Gentle instrumental and impassioned vocals aside, this song has a really interesting connection to Greek mythology that’s worth looking into if you’re a fan of that sort of thing.



Another contender for best pop song of the year is this one, a remarkably catchy tune from an artist who rarely misses. Besides her angelic voice, the upbeat tempo makes this song easy to dance to.


‘Pass The Nirvana,’ Pierce The Veil

Former and current emo kids rejoice, Pierce The Veil is still releasing absolute bangers in the year of our lord 2022. This song brings Pierce the Veil’s classic, sharp sound back for a new generation to enjoy.


‘Angels On Vacation,’ Weezer

This song has range, especially in its vocals, switching from religious, to energetic, to soft and sweet and back to energetic. It shows dedication that a band can still release bops 30 years after its conception.


‘N95,’ Kendrick Lamar

Though we don’t really need any reminders of the pandemic, masks or otherwise, we’ll let the title of this song slide, because it’s truly one of the best rap songs of last year.


‘Settle Down,’ Ricky Montgomery

Though he’s one of TikTok’s favorite sad indie boys, Ricky Montogmery’s music isn’t always sad. Sometimes it’s upbeat and loving, like this bop.


‘Stick Season,’ Noah Kahan

This choice is kind of somber, but nonetheless, it’s a very well-written song. The way it provokes a nostalgic, emotional response in the listener makes it one of our favorites of the last year.


‘Grapejuice,’ Harry Styles

Sure, I had something else on the same album on here. But for one, this is sung by a different artist, the original this time. Secondly, it’s a good album.


‘The Main Character,’ Will Wood

Though this song came out in 2022, you should use this bop to exude confidence and embody main character energy throughout 2023.


‘Golden Age,’ J. Maya

If you’re looking for a contemporary girl power anthem, look no further than this. It’s pumped up, energetic and references several powerful women throughout history. Who could ask for more?


‘Very Few Friends,’ Saint Levant

This multilingual jam flows beautifully despite the fact that it has to flip between three languages, a testament to the skill of Saint Levant as a musician.


‘SUPERMODEL,” Måneskin

Måneskin has recently been putting out hit after hit, and this is no exception. The sultry vocals and jamming instrumental cements this as one of the best songs of last year.


‘Kill Bill,” SZA

To top off this list, this song has been a recent TikTok trend, which is because it absolutely slaps. Sure, it’s about murdering your ex, but what good song isn’t?

To listen to this playlist, check out our Spotify.


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