Goshen Coffee, a new coffee shop just across the street from SIUE, offers food and drinks worth the hefty price. Goshen is the closest coffee shop to campus that is not on campus, and has a drive-thru.

Goshen Coffee is a small building that would be hidden by Doc’s Smokehouse if it weren’t for the long drive-through line. We arrived around 10:40 a.m. on a Saturday morning, which appeared to be somewhat of a peak time. Goshen closes at 2 p.m., and is currently only serving items through the drive-thru or contactless ordering, so maybe the 20 minute wait shouldn’t have been such a surprise.

What was instantly noticeable was Goshen’s commitment to safety during COVID-19. A sign on the ordering kiosk asks customers to wear a mask while ordering, and every single employee inside the window was wearing a mask correctly. There is limited outdoor seating, with a few tables in front of the store and some picnic tables spread much further than six feet apart on the grassy area to the side of the building. We felt as if we could comfortably — and safely — enjoy our food outdoors.

Goshen offers a wide variety of drinks and food options, with various toasts, bowls, salads and pastries. We decided on iced mochas, a cranberry orange scone and a matcha butter cookie, although we were heavily tempted to try the banana bread or sticky toast. While the menu is enticing, it’s worth noting that the prices may be a bit high for a typical college student. The iced mochas were $5, the scone was $3.50 and the cookie was $2.50. Most of the toasts cost between $6-$8, and it’s hard to find a drink under $4.

Although the line to the window was long, we got our food and drinks pretty quickly after we ordered. We sat down at a picnic table and started with the iced mochas. They were exactly what an iced coffee lover wants — smooth, with just the right amount of sweet. The house-made chocolate sauce was a bit mild, but still added a nice flavor. The biggest deterrent was the price, as one can get a coffee that’s nearly as good for a fraction of the price.

We moved on to our pastries. The matcha butter cookie had the perfect texture: soft, buttery and thick, with the perfect amount of white chocolate chips. Matcha is not for everyone, and as the matcha flavor was quite strong, we suggest this cookie only for die-hard matcha fans. Those who don’t like matcha might want to consider the dark chocolate chunk shortbread cookie.

Next was the cranberry orange scone, which was absolutely delicious. The texture was soft and dense, with just the right amount of citrus. A light sprinkling of sugar on the top gave the scone a nice crunch, and large pieces of sweet cranberry were well-dispersed throughout. The scone was baked perfectly: golden brown on the top, while soft on the inside.

We could only peek through the drive-through window, but the inside of the shop appeared to be decorated nicely. It was a beautiful day, and the option to eat at a picnic table in the grass instead of a crammed, covered patio allowed us to enjoy our breakfast without fear of COVID-19.

Anyone who likes a local coffee shop with healthy (and not so healthy) options will like Goshen Coffee. College students may not be able to afford to be regulars, but will definitely enjoy Goshen as a special treat.

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