REVIEW: Just like the first movie, ‘A Quiet Place Part II’ gives a thrilling experience

After the success of the first movie, “A Quiet Place Part II” sheds some light into some of the origins of the monsters that ravaged the Earth and the Abbott family. The suspense and thrill of the sequel left more jump scares than expected, but helped keep in mind the horrifying world the characters live in. 


The atmosphere of the movie is similar to the first, but aims to be a more thrilling experience for the Abbott family. With the sightless alien monsters having a much more powerful presence throughout the movie, it becomes more obvious that they’re likely here for good.


The realization from the last movie about the monsters’ weakness to high-pitched sound is used throughout the movie, but the attacks prove that even with a weakness, they are the top predator of the planet.


The movie starts off by going through a flashback phase before the attack happened in the same town featured in the first movie, introducing some new characters and information about what happened. 


The explanation of at least part of the origin of the alien monsters was clarified when the flashback showed an asteroid falling from the atmosphere. The origin was implied from the first film with some small hints related to space. After release, John Kransinski, the director of both films, gave an interview on an Empire Magazine podcast where he revealed that the aliens were from another planet.


Through the first part of the movie, it introduces a new main character, Emmett, played by Cillian Murphy. Where some sequels can fail with adding new characters and focusing elsewhere, “A Quiet Place Part II” shows that new characters can also add a lot of depth with the introduction of Emmett. 


After the death of Lee Abbott and destruction of their home, the rest of the Abbott family was left to wander aimlessly until they eventually met Emmett. Emmett seemed to be a family friend from before the attack who lost his family, leaving him to seem rough and wanting to be distanced from other people. 


Emmett’s makeshift home, a factory of sorts, is where half of the movie is spent. It eventually branches off into two different experiences when Regan Abbott, the younger daughter of the Abbott family, discovers a clue to finding more potential survivors and leaves the factory. After leaving, she is soon followed by Emmett at Evelyn Abbott, her mother’s, request.


The next half of the movie leaves the family split up — with Regan and Emmett off on their own journey to find people and Evelyn with her son Marcus and her baby left at the factory.


The movie does a good job at telling the story from two different perspectives, with action often happening from each at similar times and shifting between them. The suspenseful jumps from each perspective gave the audience an exciting feel about what was going to happen next.


The action sequences of the movie also blend well with the suspenseful and thrilling scenes, succeeding in keeping part of the suspenseful feel of the first movie mostly intact.


A particularly eerie part of scenes with Regan in them are the completely silent parts  — where the audience can see the monster coming, but her deafness makes her completely oblivious.


Near the end of the movie, the suspense increases with both groups being left without a way to fight the monsters, leaving them vulnerable to attack. 


The ending comes as both thrilling and abrupt. The ending of the movie itself left a sense of wanting more due to how it was ended, setting up a sequel with a very different tone.


The symbolism shown at the end is an important look into what the next addition could be, with hope for the new generation being a leading factor. After both Regan and Marcus show that they’re not kids who need to be protected, the respective adults around them are left with the realization that the two of them can survive in a world of monsters.


“A Quiet Place Part II” came out in theatres on May 28.


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