Buzz's Hawaiian Grill Ratings

Buzz’s Hawaiian Grill delivered one of my first meals of the day, and I wouldn’t mind starting out more days like that.

Their menu reflects the many cultural influences that have come to represent modern Hawaiian cuisine, providing various options for sides, appetizers and their main and small dishes.

Rice and island mac salad are two staples of their main dishes, both of which came with the dish I ordered the teriyaki steak plate.

The steak itself was grilled after being marinated in their Hawaiian teriyaki sauce, leaving a sweet and savory taste in my mouth, despite being somewhat tough.

The white rice and island mac salad complemented each other well, and the juice from the slice of pineapple on the side sweetened some of the food further.

The line was a bit long, but it went by relatively quickly and I had my food very soon after ordering. The dish itself came in a small biodegradable bowl, which held together well.

The food was priced at $9 without tax, and for me this felt like a very fair price. For the amount and quality of food being given, I wouldn’t hesitate to go back for more at a later date.

FOOD- 5/5



TOTAL- 12/15

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