Taqueria Maya offers both classics and experimental dishes

Taqueria Maya offers the classics, but I went for something different this time: birria ramen.


To clarify, I’ve been to Taqueria Maya a few times, so I can also vouch for some of the classics. For example, they make a pretty good taco. This time I mixed it up and went for a very different option, and I was not left disappointed.


Before the birria ramen, I ordered some guacamole with my chips, which was pretty enjoyable. It had a nice, fresh taste to it.


The texture of the birria ramen was impeccable. The meat had just the right level of tenderness, and so did the noodles. The hard-boiled eggs added a nice touch, though generally I feel soft boiling is better for the sake of ramen. 


I think the broth could have been a bit more flavorful, but I’m not disappointed. It had a nice savoriness to it, but was altogether very mild; I hoped for a bit more spice.


I spent about $15 on the ramen and $5 on the guacamole, which isn’t a bad price for either. It wasn’t the best meal I’ve had at Taqueria Maya, but I’d still recommend it for those trying to mix it up.


Price: 4/5

Appearance 4.5/5

Taste: 4/5


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