Wagyu Burger

You may hear Wagyu and think of impossibly expensive beef, but Sneaky’s Burger Truck provides an affordable taste of fullblood American Wagyu in one of the best burgers in town.

With this being a fairly new food truck, I was curious to see what it was like. I found the truck behind Recess Brewing, and enjoyed the general look of the truck, as well as the lights strung up out front.

I went with a simple order: a plain hamburger and tater tots. The tots were pretty good, but clearly not the main focus. I ordered the burger to be as basic as possible to really get to the flavor of the meat, which was the star of the show.

At first, I was a little disappointed with one element of the presentation. The patty was a bit small and weirdly shaped. However, that little patty packed quite the punch.

The flavor absolutely redeemed the small, lopsided look of the patty, with a delicious, savory meaty taste that managed to avoid being too salty. I truly got the hype behind the rare type of meat for which Wagyu is famous (no pun intended, the burger was actually cooked medium.) I didn’t really notice the small size of the patty once I was already eating, so I suppose it was enough to get the job done.

The bun was great too: a buttered and toasted potato bread bun that provided a certain sweetness to balance the savory flavor of the patty. It was light and soft, but still crispy enough to give it a good balance of texture.

Now we have to get to the real question: What’s the price? For just the burger it was $8.49, a pretty reasonable price considering the gourmet quality of the meat. Sure, it’s more expensive than fast food, but as a special occasion burger it was certainly worth the cost. With the tater tots, my total came out to around $11.50 before the tip.

In conclusion, if it wasn’t already obvious, this truck is definitely worth stopping by the next time it pops up. It was a simple experience, but the burger was something like I’d never tried before.

For more information on Sneaky’s Burger Truck, their menu, schedule, and contact can be found on their website.

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