While there’s not much to do at Liberty Apple Orchard, the quality of the apples and their other goods more than make up for a smaller, slower paced experience.

There’s not necessarily any “activities” available at the farm, but there are areas to take pictures at the orchard. However, the main draw is the “U-Pick” apple trees, and that experience is plenty of fun on its own. 

Before going to pick the apples, there’s a stand that provides bags and has a guide on what varieties are available. I recommend taking a picture of the guide; the apples have color coded tags next to them that are on the trees themselves, which helps in navigating the orchard. Thankfully, the trees are small and fairly low to the ground compared to other orchards, which means an easy picking experience, even if you’re not tall. 

As for the quality of the apples themselves, they’re delicious. I personally picked the Fuji, Empire, Liberty and Jonathan varieties, all of which worked well either as snacks, for use in baked goods or both.

While you’re there, it’s worth picking up some of their other fresh goods, such as apple butter and apple cider. Though they charge by weight for apples, it was only $16 for a bag of about 30 apples, so the prices are fair for a small family-owned farm. Most of the other goods run in a similar price range, a bit more expensive than nationwide grocery brands, but certainly higher quality.


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