SIUE campus traditions are having to be adjusted to what the world is like now with students having to social distance, wear a mask and not be in big crowds. CAB is making changes to their events to allow students and the community to feel as involved as possible.


The Campus Activities Board has switched activities normally held in-person into virtual formats.


SETO planned an annual showing of the Rocky Horror Picture Show, but ended up having to cancel it due to copyright issues and a lack of funds if done as a drive-in performance. 


Sadie Harvey a freshman at SIUE said, “ We are hopeful that we can still find a way to make it happen sometime next semester, but for now, we are focusing more on how to do a recorded version of SETO’s 24- hour play festival, One And Done, to stream for our audiences.”


Homecoming which will be September 20-26th is one popular event that will be modified this year. There are normally in-person activities throughout the week with a run on Saturday and then a men's soccer game Saturday night to finish off the weekend. Those events will be modified somehow this year.


“All the events will be virtual this year, but they are planning them to still be inclusive to everyone and have an overall good time.” said Neilah Scruggs, the chair of the Homecoming committee. 


The Unleashed Homecoming run, which is normally Saturday morning will still be taking place, but a little differently than past years. 


Participants can still do the run, just not in person. Runners get to decide how to complete their 10K, 5K or one mile run whether it is outside or inside, walking, skipping or running however fast they want. Once finished, they submit their time of the run and post a selfie during their run using #CougarUnleashed for a chance to win post-run prizes. The run can be completed anytime between Sept. 20-26.


There will be no soccer game this year since the men’s team doesn’t have a season. There will be something that replaces that event.     


“Due to how often things are changing as far as rules and regulations from the governor, my committee and I are still working on the list of events, but when it gets finalized the events will be posted to our CAB social media pages,” Scruggs said. 


Students will definitely have the opportunity to stay involved during this year’s Homecoming. CAB is encouraging strong participation even though events are going virtual this year.


Springfest will still happen in 2021 but CAB doesn’t know how yet. They are still trying to figure out how the events will run in 2021, depending on what COVID-19 looks like in the next few months. 


“Our Springfest chair is vacant so we do not have anything planned besides the fact that we have open applications for Springfest,” said Deziree Lewis, Vice President Chair of CAB.


The earlier events of the year, such as Cougar Welcome went entirely virtual with no in-person activities. Cougar Welcome is an event for the freshmen at the beginning of the year, allowing them to get to know their class.They created a way for the freshmen to feel involved with the university and be able to get something out of it. 


The freshmen would normally go to the gym, listen to a few presentations for a few hours and be able to meet new people.


Instead, CAB had virtual events that took the place of in-person activities. There was a Jackbox game night and a Kahoot trivia night that the freshmen could participate in if they chose to. They also had movie trivia night. 


For Jackbox and Kahoot trivia, CAB organizers hosted freshmen on a Zoom call. After they got on, they competed in a livestream of games. They wanted students to turn their mics on and participate as they played through the games and trivia rounds. They had prizes for participating and for joining the zoom call. 


The movie trivia night was hosted through a Netflix party. The freshmen would go into a Netflix party and answer questions about a movie that was asked in the chat. Whoever answered the question right first got a prize. 

Click here for more information on the CAB website about upcoming events.

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