Destination Desserts

Sometimes, I want to try something interesting and different, like combining Asian and Tex-Mex food. But sometimes, I want a few cookies, and a smoothie to help me stay cool. 

After slamming down tacos from two different trucks, I wanted more. Of course, I didn’t want more tacos, but a dessert — something sweet to round my meal out. There were plenty of options, but I settled on one: Destination Desserts.

The other reason I settled on Destination Desserts was my desire to try and cool down. It was a hot summer afternoon, and I wanted something cold. As luck would have it, they had fruit smoothies. However, I knew that if I was ordering from a dessert-based food truck, I would have to order something a little more fun than a fruit smoothie.

Luckily, Destination Desserts’ menu was stocked with my favorite smoothie fruit and my favorite cookie — mangoes and snickerdoodles, respectively. The smoothie was very refreshing, and the cookies were very clearly baked with a lot of care and the perfect amount of cinnamon.

I was surprised at the price of my smoothie, considering most of the time, they tend to be a very overpriced item. This makes some sense, considering the cost of the fruits needed to make a good smoothie. However, at Destination Desserts, the smoothie was only five dollars, which was still slightly expensive, but as far as smoothie prices go, five dollars is a reasonable amount.

Regardless of the price of the smoothie, I was definitely happy with my food, and with a nice amount of friendly chitchat from the employees I was very happy with my time at Destination Desserts.

FOOD- 4/5



TOTAL- 12/15

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