‘Bone Deep’ authors come to SIUE

Best-selling author Charles Bosworth and defense attorney Joel Schwartz will be coming to SIUE to talk about their co-written book “Bone Deep.” They will be discussing their book at the book talk and following up the event with a book signing. 


SIUE Office of Online Services and Educational Outreach will be hosting a book talk for Bone Deep: Untangling the Twisted True Story of the Tragic Betsy Faria Murder Case on Wednesday, April 6 at 6 p.m.


For those who wish to grab a copy at the event, Books-A-Million will be selling copies of the book during the event. 


“Bone Deep” tells the tragic and true story of Betsy Faria, who was found dead in her home by her husband, having been stabbed 55 times in the chest. 


Betsy’s husband, Russ Faria, returned home from a friend’s game night to the gruesome sight of his wife laying dead in their living room. It had been concluded that Besty had been dead long before Russ found her. 


Despite no evidence of Russ Faria being the culprit, the police insisted that the newly widowed husband was guilty of her murder. After spending four years in prison, Russ Faria was granted a retrial and was proven innocent.


The true murderer of Betsy Faria turned out to be her close friend and insurance beneficiary, Pam Hubb. “Bone Deep” implies that if it wasn’t for Joel Schwartz, Russ Faria would still be sitting in a prison cell today. 


Before “Bone Deep” was even written, the blood-curdling true crime story shook millions and continued to gain media traction.


The story of Betsy Faria was featured on two episodes of “Dateline” in 2016 titled “Stranger Than Fiction” and “Return to Game Night.” 


Joel Schwartz was Russ Faria’s defense attorney. His contribution to “Bone Deep” allowed for an inside scoop as to how things went down in court and the steps he took to prove his client’s innocence in the case. 


Charles Bosworth has written six New York Times best selling true-crime novels. He started his career working for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch and later moved on to reporting for the Chicago Tribune as well as the New York Times.  


“Bone Deep” has been adapted into the NBC mini-series starring Renée Zellweger called “The Thing About Pam.” The crime drama premiered on March 8 of this year and will be a total of eight episodes long. 

The book talk will be held in-person at the National Corn-to-Ethanol Research Center and will be over Zoom for those who are unable to physically attend. The event is free, but those attending will need to register in order to save a seat. 

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