Nap pods provide new way to relax on study breaks

Nap pods are a new, futuristic addition to Lovejoy Library. They allow students to adjust the amount of light let in, providing a customizable space to study or nap. 

It's no secret one of college students' favorite past times is napping. Now, Lovejoy Library is offering dedicated places to do just that in the form of "nap pods." 

Antonina Weatherly, social media graduate assistant for the library, said the library had the nap pods for several months, but didn’t know whether or not they would be safe during COVID-19. They decided they would be a cleaner alternative to beanbags, as they are made of leather and plastic. 

“We can’t be using the beanbags right now with COVID, because they’re harder to clean. [With] the nap pods, you can still wipe them down and get them clean. The beanbags, you would have to wash the cloth every time,” Weatherly said.  

The nap pods’ features create an atmosphere that aids in relaxation, according to Weatherly. 

“Students can go up there and … use the features in the nap pod, which there’s a timer feature, there’s a light feature, there’s music that you can either listen to and have it surround you or you can plug in your own headphones, so I think they were put there just to give students another place to relax and study because sometimes you just get overwhelmed studying for so long,” Weatherly said.  

Weatherly said the nap pods are shaped like eggs so students can feel secluded without feeling constricted. 

“You can close it to where it’s darker around where your face is, but your feet are still out. I would assume so it doesn’t feel like you’re confined in a little thing … The circular part makes it darker, or you can turn on lights inside if you don’t want it [to be dark], but it kind of makes it like your own little area,” Weatherly said.  

Weatherly said the library hopes the nap pods will provide a way for commuter students to stay on campus between classes. 

“I think it goes back to SIUE being, or it used to, being a commuter campus. And so we don’t want to have to have students come to campus and then leave because they need a break, or leave the library because they need a break. Rather, give them everything they need within the library,” Weatherly said. 

Students seem to be enjoying the nap pods, Weatherly said. 

“I went up there one time to get some more photos of [them], and yeah, they were being used by students, which was really great to see. I’ve used [them] before, not even for work, as a student,” Weatherly said. 

Desrine San Pedro, a senior nursing major from the Philippines, said she likes using the nap pods to study. 

“I like it. It’s really cute. I think it’s really comfy, because when I work at home, I like working in my bed, so it kind of mimics that, so that’s why I like it … I haven’t [taken a nap] but I just do my homework there,” San Pedro said. 

Christian Debrosse, a sophomore economics major from St. Charles, Missouri, said he prefers to nap on the couches in the library instead of in the nap pods, but still uses them to relax. 

“I’ve used them a few times, [they’re] pretty comfortable … usually I’ll just look at my phone. I don’t really study in them or anything, but I’ll just kind of sit there and chill,” Debrosse said. 

Kylea Perkins, a senior art and design major from St. Louis, said she didn’t know what the nap pods were, or that they were made for napping. 

“I haven’t tried them out … I go to the library because I work in the honors office, but they do look exciting,” Perkins said. 

To learn more about the nap pods and  instructions on how to use them, visit the library’s Instagram page.

Editor's note: The original version of this article featured a picture of a different piece of furniture recently added to Lovejoy Library, not a nap pod. The story and picture has since been changed for clarity and accuracy. 

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