The Headphone Jack

While The Intrusion has not yet released original music, this playlist gives a taste of the generations of rock and roll their music is influenced by.

Here are the sounds of The Intrusion, from their setlists to the biggest hits of some of their personal favorites.

“Rock and Roll” - Led Zeppelin 

The bandmate brothers within The Intrusion, Preston and Ashton Schepers, share a love for Led Zeppelin with their father. This song’s opening line makes it a suitable anthem for anyone eager to get back into the swing of things. After leaving his last band, The Intrusion’s lead singer Joe Whiteside was ready to resume his role as a frontman, making this the perfect opener to The Intrusion’s musical timeline. 

“Come Together” - The Beatles

The next stage in The Intrusion’s journey involved some last-minute recruitment as the band began to take shape, or “Come Together.” The unmistakable opening bass riff — one of the bluesiest in Beatles history — sets the tone before crescendoing into a timeless chorus, then going quiet again to clear the space for Paul McCartney’s isolated bassistry. 

“Comfortably Numb” - Pink Floyd

This is a choice song of The Intrusion for live performances because, according to Whiteside, not many bands attempt to play it. Clocking in at six minutes and 22 seconds with two guitar solos in between, it’s easy to see why. Hear what instrumental challenges The Intrusion takes on as you slip away into this 1979 Pink Floyd staple. 

“Highway Tune” - Greta Van Fleet

If you’re unfamiliar with Greta Van Fleet, they can be most succinctly described as a musical time machine; after pressing play on this song, you will forget it was made in 2017 by four guys barely in their twenties. Young musicians bringing the classic rock sound into the modern era is part of what The Intrusion is all about, making this “Highway Tune” an ideal backdrop for the band's time on the road. 

“Aqualung” - Jethro Tull

This is another song The Intrusion likes to perform live because of other bands’ reluctance to do so. A British progressive rock cornerstone, “Aqualung” moves through a menacing series of chord and note choices before transitioning into a more gentle, acoustic-led conclusion, allowing any who perform it to show a range of musicianship in its six and a half minutes.

“Rolling 7s” - Dirty Honey

“Rolling 7s” is another modern rock song with heavy vintage influence, as made instantly apparent by the song’s bluesy electric guitar intro and hair-metal-esque vocals. Dirty Honey is one of The Intrusion’s drummer Preston Schepers’ musical inspirations, and recently became the first unsigned rock band to land a number one record on the Billboard Rock charts with “When I’m Gone.”

“Carry On Wayward Son” - Kansas 

The Intrusion hadn’t performed this song in months because, according to Whiteside, the last time they did, it didn’t sound very good. Then, looking to grab a live audience’s attention, they dusted off this Kansas classic and played it flawlessly, much to Whiteside’s surprise. As you sing along to the song’s legendary chorus, join the band’s manager Mark Rice in telling The Intrusion to carry on. 

As you can see (and hear), the sounds and influences of The Intrusion carry with them multiple generations of rock and roll. Channel your inner rockstar, prepare yourself for their upcoming “Everything” EP and use this playlist as a soundtrack while you follow their journey as a band.

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