Located about 34 minutes from SIUE’s campus is Eckert’s Family Farm. It is one of many locations that the Eckert’s family runs, but the Belleville location is the main and original location.

My roommate and I visited Eckert’s on a cool fall afternoon, and immediately I could tell this was a very family oriented farm from the minute we pulled into the parking lot. What made this more obvious was the big sign in front of the store which said “creating family memories.”

There are many good things about the country store portion of the farm. And I think the best part is, is seeing all their signature meats behind their meat counter. Overall, the meat was good quality but overpriced for a family farm. We took home some of their signature applewurst sausage which they are very well known for.

The bakery also offered a wide selection of sweet treats, from all kinds of pies, to brownies, to sugar cookies. I bought an apple fritter and it was outstanding.

Although some are not in season right now they offer “pick your own” of the following: peaches, apples, strawberries and pumpkins.

It was obvious that all their goods were high quality and they pride themselves on selling family owned products. You will not find many well known products because they are such a family oriented store and business.

It was a fun, very cheap late September afternoon experience and it’s definitely something I would do again.

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