Garlic Fest comes back to St. Louis area for its 13th year

Garlic was sold by the pound at the festival, with a wide variety for customers to choose from. 

The St. Louis Garlic Fest featured various vendors, many garlicky foods, and several varieties of bulk garlic sold by the pound.


Gateway Garlic Farms owner Mark Brown runs the festival. The location, Lamp & Lantern Village in Town and Country, Missouri, was new to the festival; it was previously hosted by the restaurant Iron Barley’s High Hog Ridge in High Ridge, Missouri. The change in location was due to the passing of Tom Coghill, the owner of the restaurant.


Jen Coghill of House Springs, Missouri, Tom’s wife and co-owner of Iron Barley’s High Hog Ridge, said Mark Brown would always come to their restaurant to run the festival.


“My husband just passed away in March, so this is the first time they did it out here, and we wanted to come out and support [Mark],” Coghill said.


Some of the vendors at the event included the Faust Bee Ranch, JewelsieBee’s Homemaker Hippie, Steampunk Brew Works and Gaia’s Torch.


Julia and Trey Baird of O’Fallon Illinois ran the JewelsieBee’s Homemaker Hippie stand, and said this was their first year at the festival.


“We sell tie dyes, and I make homemade soaps, and lip balms and just natural stuff. I use essential oils in all my soaps,” Julia Baird said.


Nick and Dave Faust of Eureka, Missouri, who ran the stand for Faust Bee Ranch, said that this wasn’t their first time at the festival, and that it was different in the past.


“It was a different event last year, because it was up in Iron Barley and they did the Tomato Fest at the same time, and they did a BLT competition; it was really pretty cool,” Dave Faust said.


In addition to many varieties of garlic available, the festival also featured other garlicky foods and other forms of garlic, such as garlic ice cream, black garlic, garlic hot sauce, garlic vinegar and Lautrec garlic soup.


Amanda Herd of Ferguson, Missouri said she was excited to snag some seedling garlic at the festival.


“I can start garlic in my own garden and learn more about it,” Herd said. “I have the caretaker, the Polish white and I’m looking forward to getting the German gourmet red and the California easy.”


Julia Baird said she was excited to be at the event, and that she loves any food that has garlic in it.


“I love Mark, he brings me all sorts of good stuff. All sorts of garlics and everything,” Julia Baird said.


More information about Gateway Garlic farms can be found at its Facebook page.


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