When you think of tacos, the traditional fillings are typically beef or chicken, but at Mission Taco Joint, they had the option for fish and mushroom tacos. After visiting their restaurant location this past year, I had an idea of what the food would taste like, but I didn’t have this particular dish.

I purchased the taco combo, which came with two tacos of your choice and a side for $10. I decided to get street corn as my side for an additional dollar bringing my total to $11 with no tax. I felt as if this pricing was decent. The tacos weren’t very large and the side was small as well. Since Mission Taco is based in the Midwest, I assume it’s more difficult to get fish shipped here and that factors into the price.

The fish taco was topped with cabbage, pico de gallo, chipotle Baja sauce and queso fresco. This is not a taco for people sensitive to spice. The chipotle sauce had a little kick and there was a good amount on the bottom of the taco. The street corn was very basic — with only one topping of queso fresco and a light dusting of salt and pepper.

The line to get my tacos was long, but other customers and I were pushed through fairly quickly. The truck was only serving tacos and sides, so it was a fairly small menu to choose from. The person taking orders was friendly and welcomed me up when it was my turn to order. They also read my order back, which is helpful for customers to make sure everything they ordered was correct. This truck was only accepting card payments.

I stood to the side waiting for my food no longer than two minutes before my name was called.

With the fast service, I received my food and I ate it within minutes of getting it, yet it was still lukewarm. I expected the fish to be the only warm item, as the other toppings I would assume are kept cold. Still, I was left unsatisfied with eating cold tacos.

FOOD- 3/5



TOTAL- 12/15

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