Why ‘Rugrats in Paris’ is the saddest movie ever

I love children’s movies. Some of my favorite movies derive from Pixar, Disney and so forth, but I feel like certain movies do not get the respect they deserve.

“Lion King” is one of my favorite movies ever, and I completely understand why some people say it was one of the first movies to move them to tears.

Watching Mufasa fall to his death by the hands of his own brother and then seeing Simba repeatedly pushing his father to get up is enough to make even the strongest man cry. Trust me — I get it. On the other hand, I feel that “Rugrats in Paris” had moments that jerked more tears — multiple moments at that.

The movie begins with the gang at Lou’s wedding and the DJ switches the mood for all the kids to dance with their moms. Now, out of all the kids, Chuckie’s mom died when he was barely one-year-old, so he didn’t have a mommy to dance with; he had to watch Tommy, Dil, Phil and Lil dance with their moms and come to the realization that he didn’t have a mom like the rest of his friends. Also, Chaz, his father, didn’t have a wife to dance with, so it has always just been him and Chuckie since his wife died. Cue the tears. 

The movie then shifts to the babies getting ready to prepare for their flight to Paris. While on the plane, the babies cause mischief to the annoyance of the flight attendant and multiple passengers. The baby’s mothers then come and make them sit with them, leaving Chuckie alone with his teddy bear. The scene then shifts to probably one of the most heart wrenching songs ever entitled, “I Want a Mom.”

How can you not cry listening to this song?! “I want a mom that would last forever/I want a mom to make it all better.”

The song showcases Chuckie and his birth mother in the clouds together, and let me tell you — this scene gets to me. Every. Single. Time. I’m not the most emotional person ever, but I turn into the biggest baby whenever this scene comes on. Why can’t Chuckie have a mom like the rest of the kids?!

Finally, as the movie ends, Chuckie’s dad Chaz ends up marrying Kira and Chuckie ends up getting a new mommy and a new sister. Then in pure absolute childlike innocence in a conversation that Chuckie is having with Tommy, he tells him, “I must be lucky. I now have two mommies looking after me.”

This movie brings out the absolute softest part of Kendra Tamia Martin. Watching Chuckie without a mom at the wedding, then on a plane and finally getting what he wanted all along put me through a whirlwind of emotion. No shade to the “Lion King,” but this movie had me in absolute tears crying like a baby. 

You better love your mommy, Chuckie! You’re so lucky. You got two mommies bro.

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Deenanatho Deenanatho

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