Men’s club volleyball has taken home their first win for SIUE at the Midwest Plains Valley Conference North Regional Tournament. 

The regional conference was comprised of three different regions, the East, North and West, with SIUE competing in the North region.

After losing their first game to Butler University, they went on to beat Indiana State and Lewis University as well. After making it to the finals, they had to face off against Butler again, this time managing to take the win.

Head Coach, setter and right side player Joe Brammeier said it was a hard victory to pull off.

“It was a really tough match,” Brammeier said. “We went to [round] three every single game against them, and the Lewis game ended up being 36-34, which is a really high scoring game.”

Along with their win over the tournament, outside hitter Nick Allen was also named the North Region MVP. While Allen said he is happy with the title, he credits the team as well.

I don’t really know what to say about it; I can’t really play without my team,” Allen said. “The whole team is more important than me getting MVP. The whole team won.”

Brammeier said the regional tournament was a learning experience, and they  can use their performance to improve for next time. He said he hopes that everyone can learn and improve.

“We’re going to come back, practice and start working on stuff that we need to work on, stuff that we learned while playing over the weekend,” Brammeier said.

Setter Tommy Hartnagel said they’ve made definite improvements since the previous times they’d entered into the regional tournament, and credits the whole team for the win.

“We had really good potential to do good in previous tournaments, we just hadn’t done it in past tournaments,” Hartnagel said. “We went into the tournament really open-minded. All the games were really close, but we were able to keep the high energy and positive attitudes and were able to take it in the end.”

Men’s club volleyball will continue their season when they travel to Milwaukee for a Division II invitational at the end of February.

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