Spending, revenue not equal across men’s and women’s sports

Men’s athletic teams bring in about six times the revenue of women’s teams, while players on women’s teams receive an average of nearly $5,000 more in scholarships per year, according to a budget and revenue breakdown supplied to The Alestle by SIUE Athletics.

Since SIUE entered NCAA Division 1 there has been great success throughout athletics, both on the women’s and men’s sides. Since becoming active during the 2012-2013 academic year, SIUE has played 11 Conference or Tournament Championships and has had 14 athletes sign professional contracts.

The revenue athletics brings in from women’s and men’s teams is heavily skewed primarily due to attendance.

“With our men’s soccer games 1,500 to, with homecoming, which is almost 4,000 [people] a crowd. Our largest attendance to a women’s soccer game is about 250,” Director of Athletics Brad Hewitt said.

During the 2017-2018 academic year, all six women’s teams brought in $81,200, while the six men’s teams brought in $483,241.

“Male athletes, once they hit the next level, tend to generate a lot more than female athletes,” senior mass communications student and club sports broadcaster Isaac Forney, from Brimfield, Illinois, said.

The athletic department is always searching for new ways to boost attendance with an emphasis on women’s games. This year, coaches for women’s teams can be seen around the Stratton Quadrangle and in the MUC advertising their home games. With new policy changes allowing the sale of alcohol at NCAA games, there will be trial runs at men’s basketball games.

“It’s just how everybody associates sports — they think men’s teams. That’s how we are raised, that’s what is shown on TV,” senior pharmacy student and former club soccer forward, from Freeburg, Illinois, Kristen Ingold said.

Of the 14 athletes who signed professional contracts, 11 were male and 13 finished their degrees.

There are a total of 134 men on SIUE’s rosters with baseball having the most with 35, and golf having the least at nine.

The women’s teams had a total of 103 athletes with soccer having the most at 30, and tennis having the least with seven.

According to the operational budget, the average cost for each athlete on the men’s side is $4,791.04 while the women average $4,980.58.

Coaches are allowed to divide the budget they are given. Most coaches for women’s teams put more of their budget toward scholarships, while men’s coaches put more toward other expenses.

Women average a higher scholarship budget at $14,420.76 per athlete. The average scholarship for men is $9,573.97.

For the past 12 years, SIUE student athletes have maintained an average GPA above a 3.0. Out of all NCAA D1 institutions, SIUE has ranked in the top 70 for graduation success rates for the last four years. 

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