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Sophomore defender Tamia Cash battles for possession of the ball during SIUE’s 1-0 win against EIU in the OVC Championship quarter finals on Sunday.

Women’s soccer won with a score of 1-0 in a game against Eastern Illinois University on Sunday.

A little over 25 minutes into the game, SIUE scored their first and only goal against Eastern off a corner kick. Shot by senior midfielder/forward Becca Jostes, the ball was shuffled between both teams in front of the goal. It bounced into the goal off of Eastern’s own goalkeeper Sara Teteak, counting as an own goal for Eastern.

Though the goal technically was not Jostes’s, she still had plenty to offer the team. While not a standout leader in goals scored, Jostes leads the team in assists this season, and she is ranked second among the team in points scored and shots on the goal.

Jostes knew what her strengths were in the game. 

“Well I megged a girl; so, I thought that was pretty good,” Jostes said. “I had decent corners, one that got knocked on an own goal, and I think just taking people on,” Jostes said.

This game added to a string of wins for the women’s soccer team. After a mix of wins and losses in August and September, the team has won all five games, including their first one against Eastern this season on Oct. 13. Before that game was a tie and another win on Oct. 6. 

Despite the continuation of the winning streak, SIUE Women’s Soccer Head Coach Derek Burton acknowledged improvements could be made.  

“All that matters is that we’re advancing; so, could the performance be better, sure, but you expect a real battle when it comes to the post season. It’s always going to be difficult,” Burton said. “Eastern Illinois did a really good job of making the game difficult for us. So performances — not the greatest — but I’m not too worried about it at the moment. It’s just about winning today.”

SIUE was able to keep Eastern on their toes throughout the entire game. The game ended with 20 shots on the goal from SIUE — double what Eastern had. Junior midfielder Angel Ikeda credited this to the team’s improvement over the season.  

“Offensively we’ve done really well with … just going at the other team with haste and not giving them a chance to settle on defense,” Ikeda said. 

 Ikeda also attributed the team’s success to the attitude they carry on and off the field. 

“At this point I feel like we’re at a pretty good spot,” Ikeda said. “We have really good energy from the bench and on the field as well … We’ve had energy in other games before, but this game was just unbelievable. From the bench, I’ve never heard us so vocal before, and just our team being a whole unit as one was really heating this game.” 

Women’s Soccer will play next at 6:30 p.m., Friday, Nov. 8, in the OVC Tournament Semifinals at Southeast Missouri State University.

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