Earlier this summer,  the city of St. Louis saw that a professional sports team could boost the city’s economy and image instantaneously. 


With recent talk of a Major League Soccer team coming to St. Louis, many individuals in the area are excited for another team to cheer for. With the loss of the Rams, fans were left with two teams to root for –- the St. Louis Blues and St. Louis Cardinals. 


The Blues recently won the Stanley Cup for the first time in the team’s history, so one can easily say that fans were excited. In 2011, the city also went crazy for the Cardinals win, as well. St. Louis fans get hyped up about their favorite teams, and with the loss of one team, some feel it’s time to gain another.


This win meant big money for the city, as well, according to Mike Ozanian, a Forbes writer. Ozanian wrote about how Blues owner Tom Stillman bought the team for $180 million back in 2012, and that he isn’t a rich owner that has multiple teams compared to other owners. 


In late April, the MLS owners decided to expand the original three teams to 30, with St. Louis and Sacramento as the major bidders.


There is also a proposed MLS stadium that would be able to hold over 22,000 fans. It is proposed to be built by Union Station in the western part of downtown. If the franchise is approved by MLS, the stadium would be completed by 2022. 


At the end of June, Carolyn Kindle Betz, a potential St. Louis MLS owner, took to Twitter to update St. Louis on the architecture work is continuing on the stadium with HOK, formerly known as Hellmuth, Obata + Kassabaum, and at City Hall. According to her, the city has started to take over the land the stadium would be built on. 


if the city is awarded a team, they will build an exceptional team, according to the MLS4THELOUE website.


“We will strive to become an exceptional neighbor to the people, neighborhoods and businesses of Downtown West. This includes investment to [the] infrastructure around the neighborhood that fits within the community,”  the website reads.




For more information, search the hashtag #MLS4THELOU or follow @BetzKindle.

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