Many classes are offered in the Student Fitness Center, but many are out of luck with the Student Fitness Center closing due to COVID-19 concerns. 

In the midst of constant email updates, it seemed the Student Fitness center would remain an option for students who needed to sweat through the pandemic storm. That is no longer the case.


This was a difficult decision that many gyms were forced to make, but Dave Hagedorn, the Assistant Director of the Fitness Center, made sure that him and his staff were prepared for such an event.


“Much of our staff have already been working non-traditional schedules in an effort to keep pace with the constantly evolving situation that we are in, so that we can provide the best care and support possible to our SIUE students and the patrons of the Student Fitness Center,” Hagedorn said.


The Student Fitness Center is a place where students and staff could come in and get their exercise, but it also served as a place of work for others. Reese Ramirez is a graduate assistant working as an athletic trainer, but with the Fitness Center being shut down, she has had to adjust her therapy sessions for her athletes.


“I was meeting with athletes before athletics had been canceled,” Ramirez said. “I got in contact with them and I made a rehab plan for them to do at home. Nothing too crazy, just more maintenance stuff to make them feel good.”


Ramirez has managed to use the lack of hours to focus on her schooling, saying that it gives her more time to do homework and study, while still checking in on her athletes.


With the Fitness Center and all other gyms also closed as well, many students feel they are left without any way to complete their workout routine. But there are creative ways to exercise without a gym or weight room.


Carie Terry is the owner of E’ville Fitness. She has helped people try to get a workout by themselves in their homes.


“There’s so many things you can do at home. If you do have access to light weights, or even a milk jug, just lifting that and doing front arm raises, side arm raises. Go to your wall and do wall squats. Jumping jacks, ab exercises, you have to get creative,” Terry said. “If you don’t feel creative just get on social media. Everything is posted on there.”


Any form of exercise, a few times a week, will help put your mind at ease, according to Terry. Whether it be lifting any household object, or running around the neighborhood, there is always a way to get a workout. 


Specific workouts that can be done at home can be found at www.outsideonline.com. For more information about E’ville Fitness and their workouts, follow them at Eville Fitness on Instagram and Facebook, or go to www.evillefitness.com


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