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Track and field stunned at the Ohio Valley Conference with several stellar performances. Ethan Poston took first in the men’s high jump, with 2.14 meters. Additionally, many students broke their own personal records.


One of those students was sophomore Alexis Hutchins, who participated in the weight throw. 


“Honestly, I didn’t even think I had broken the record until they told me, just like last time I broke my record,” Hutchins said. 


Hutchins has thrown weights for track and field since her junior year of high school, and even though she had a later start than some other athletes, Hutchins says that track and field feels natural to her and she’s proud of the whole team for their success at the conference.


“We do have less seniors than before, but we did well, and a lot of the other athletes are getting a decent start for getting into it,” Hutchins said. 


As for getting a start on the track and field team, freshman Cameron Woodard broke a personal record of his own, running the mile in 4 minutes, 30.71 seconds. 


“I’ve been running since I was 8 years old, but I started running competitively in the sixth grade,” Woodard said.


This is Woodard’s first season with SIUE, but he still thinks the team could do better.


“It is my first year, but I also think the team didn’t do as well as they normally do. We all put in our best efforts, though,” Woodard said. 


Senior Keri Burmester competes in the 3k and 5k, and she agrees the team fell somewhat short this year.


“A lot of us had injuries this season. I actually had a hamstring injury myself earlier in the season. Our team is good about pushing through the pain, but we also know our limits,” Burmester said.


Burrmester also said although there were weak points this year, there were still plenty of positives.


“I’m really happy with the field events specifically. We did really well with them this year,” Burmester said. 


Some other personal track and field records broken at the OVC were Emily Ellis running the women’s 3k in 10 minutes, 35 seconds, Roland Prenzler running the men’s 3k in 8 minutes, 45 seconds, Rachyl Anderson throwing shot put 12.52m, and Gabby Wood running the mile in 5 minutes, 35.06 seconds.


The track and field team look forward to the NCAA Indoor Championships in Birmingham, Alabama on March 13-14.


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