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An MLS team will soon hit St. Louis, bringing with it a new stadium and the first female majority-owned team in the league. A conference held by the ownership group and select St. Louis city officials shed some light on upcoming details for the team.

The club will officially come to St. Louis in March 2022 with a soccer stadium located in the Downtown West area of St. Louis. According to MLS official site, the proposed stadium is expected to house 22,500 people. A possible expansion would allow the stadium to seat up to an additional 3,000 fans, totalling in at 25,500 seats.

The renderings of the design show every seat will be within 120 feet of the field. The plans also include a canopy, which would shelter the crowd from the sun and weather.

MLS Commissioner Don Garber recently explained design plans have not been finalized and will have to be discussed further with St. Louis officials.

The ownership group, consisting of Carolyn Kindle Betz, Jim Kavanaugh and the Taylor family, originally put in a bid for a team in October 2018. Garber expressed some hopes for the direction the ownership team will take.

“We’re hoping and expecting that Jim Kavanaugh and the Taylors will sit down with the city and state leaders to get that finalized so that when they come to meet with the league it’s signed, sealed and delivered,” Garber said in a release published by MLS.

MLS currently has 24 active teams playing and, with the St. Louis expansion and many others to come, is expected to eventually increase to 30 over the next few years. The St. Louis team will be the 28th to enter the league.

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