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Keep your pants on, your leggings underneath - AlestleLive.com: Editorial

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Point/Counterpoint Keep your pants on, your leggings underneath

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Posted: Tuesday, November 27, 2012 7:00 am

Leggings are a nifty fashion accessory for those who don’t like tights and like to have bare feet.

They are a great warmth-adding piece of clothing for wintertime as well.

That being said, leggings are most certainly not pants.

Yoga pants and jeggings get their own categories, because both are usually thick enough to be considered pants; however, leggings leave very little to the imagination.

Panty lines can often be seen through the thin material of leggings. I was under the impression that women have been trying for years to hide panty lines. It’s one of the main purposes behind wearing a thong, or at least it used to be.

Panties aside, showing off the landscape of your butt, and sometimes worse, is tacky at best. If leggings weren’t worn as pants, then it wouldn’t matter if people wore anything under them. They’re either underwear or pants; they can’t be both.

Logically, if you can see every nook and cranny through whatever you’re wearing, then you need to wear something under it. In the case of skirts, that’s what a slip, tights or leggings are for. If your leggings are thin enough to see through, then it lends to the idea that they should be worn under something else.

Even when the material is thick enough, leggings still aren’t really pants. They fall under the same category as bike shorts in my book.

When I was in high school, bike shorts were banned by the dress code, but nobody was trying to wear them anyway. No, we’re not in high school anymore, but bike shorts still give me the heebie jeebies. Nobody needs to see that.

Leggings are similar because, whether they’re translucent or not, they call attention to every curve and dip they cover.

The best way to keep your dignity is to wear leggings as they were originally intended: as an undergarment.

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